The Society

“West Vancouver has a unique opportunity to bring the community together in how we envision our arts and culture future, while celebrating our past achievements. The Centre for Art, Architecture + Design will become a place that captures our collective talents, aspirations, and connections while maintaining and strengthening West Vancouver's place as a cultural leader in the region.  Merla Beckerman, Co-chair, CAAD Board of Directors (West Vancouver Society for   Art, Architecture + Design)

We are ready to build improved arts facilities to support the growth of arts and culture in our community into the future.

“Expanding on the success of the West Vancouver Museum by creating a new facility celebrating art, architecture, and design through exhibits and programs for the enrichment of the whole community.
Merla Beckerman, Chair, CAAD Board of Directors (West Vancouver Society for Art, Architecture + Design)

In 2013, the West Vancouver Society for Art, Architecture + Design was formed, and a Board created to support the development of a new facility to replace the outdated facilities of the West Vancouver Museum, and to expand upon the success of the Museum’s exhibitions and programs.

CAAD Board of Directors:
Gordon Smith, Honorary Chair
Merla Beckerman, Chair
Dan Bock
Rebecca Buchanan
Sheryl Fisher
Jennifer Marshall
Eira Thomas
Shannon Walker

The Board is grateful for the support and guidance of Bax Baker, Barry Downs, Russell Hollingsworth, James McLean, David Negrin, Wendy Richmond, National Public Relations, Jennifer Webb and the West Vancouver Museum Advisory.

Major Community Partner